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As our relationships have evolved, we’ve learned what is important to each client, and expanded our services as their needs have changed. Our technical knowledge has grown and we’ve added talented resources as client situations demanded. But we’ve never lost touch with the values – integrity, independence and caring – that have been the core of our office from the beginning.
Tax services are more than just completing your 1040 forms at the end of the year. In order to minimize the tax you pay, we help you with income tax planning. We keep abreast of all changes and developments in local and federal tax laws and advise you throughout the year, so you’re in the best possible position when it’s time to file your return. Our specialists handle relations with government agencies, when that’s necessary. And, of course, we prepare of all required federal and state and local income tax filings. For tax season we offer many ways to received your money, like refund Now, Fast Refunds, Electronic Filing, Direct Deposit, Cash Card, and checks.

services1Our small business consulting practice provides you with expertise in all your finance, tax and other business management functions so you can concentrate on your core competencies. Our goal is to help your business succeed. To this end, we offer insight and guidance on the numerous decisions small businesses face: Selecting an entity year-end, Establishing benefits plans, Designing accounting systems, Managing profits, Security financing, Purchasing insurance, Licensing and government registration, Payroll and state and local business taxes, and Record keeping requirements. We believe it is critical for small business owners to know the basics in each of these areas.



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